Brand new .pw domain names

May 28, 2013

We’ve added several new domain extensions to our portfolio of available products, including the new .pw domain!

For just £11.99 per year, there are plenty of brand names, short names and generics all still available. Why not find yours using the domain name search at the top, or try our On-Brand Name Finder to check the availability of your brand as both a domain and with all major social networks and websites!

What are .pw domains?

The .pw domain name extension represents the ‘professional web’. If you’re an entrepreuneur, run your own business, have a personal brand, or are serious about your career, a .pw domain provides an excellent foundation for establishing or extending your professional presence online.

What can I do with a .pw domain?

Found a name you like but not sure what to do with it? Here are some ideas:

Give your online presence another angle – If your main website is your company or portfolio, a .pw is ideal for a secondary or mini site all about you, your career, your achievements and your interests. CVs, showcases and online business cards all work well on a .pw domain.

Use .pw for industry-themed projects – If you’re running a blog for your industry/professional interests, developing an app/tool, or similar, a .pw domain gives you a great head start in establishing your authority in the niche.

Ideal for groups and networks – Creating a forum, social network, project management system or client login area for your company or industry on a .pw domain is a great way to separate it from your main website whilst still maintaining your name and brand.

Create a professional email address – Even if you’re not intending to develop a website, using a .pw domain for your business email address gives it that executive touch.

Forward to your LinkedIn, Dribbble, or other social profile – A .pw domain name makes a great URL shortener, so register your name or your job title and redirect it to one of your professional online profiles for a memorable web address in seconds. Once you’ve registered your domain name with us, you can head to your control panel to set up a redirect in just a couple of clicks.

Use as a themed URL shortener – It’s free to set up a domain name as a forwarder with services such as, so buying a short .pw domain gives you a great URL for sharing professional articles and resources on social networks, complete with analytics tracking.

Protect your name and traffic – Registering your name and company name prevents others holding it to ransom or taking advantage of your reputation and traffic. If you’re serious about your personal brand or your business, register your .pw to ensure no one else does.