Checking Mail on Windows 10

August 29, 2015

With practically everyone taking advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10, it’s only natural that people are also taking advantage of Windows Mail, the built-in email application that lets you download emails from multiple accounts onto your computer.

Along with letting you choose a background image just for the app and putting new messages in your Action Centre, you can set up The Hosting Folks email accounts in your Mail by entering in just a few details.

Getting your email details

Before you can add the accounts to your Mail, you need to remember what your account details are.

Your mail details in the eXtend Control Panel

To get your email account details:

  • Log into your Hosting Control Panel via the Customer Control Panel.
  • Click ‘Mail Boxes’ under the ‘Email’ panel
  • Under ‘Modify Mail Boxes’, find the email address you want to use
  • Hover over the ‘Password’ box to see the password
  • Copy down the email address and the password

You’ll be keeping the address and password only just long enough to enter them into the Mail application, so use a text editor like Notepad or write it down on a piece of paper you plan to rip up and throw away afterwards.

Adding your email account

Once you have your details, it’s time to open up Mail. Using the new ‘Start’ menu, click the ‘Mail’ icon, and it will load up.

The Windows 10 Mail welcome screen

When you open it up for the first time, you can click the ‘Get Started’ button and it’ll take you straight to ‘Add Account’. If you’re already added another email address, you’ll need to go there.


To get to the ‘Add Account’ screen:

  • Click the Cog icon on the bottom right of the application
  • Select ‘Switch to Settings’
  • Click ‘Accounts’
  • Click ‘Add Account’

The Windows 10 Mail add an account screen

Once you’re in the ‘Add Account’ screen, you’ll need to get to the ‘Advanced Setup’ to properly set up your email. Currently, Mail tries to automatically connect to your email account using an SSL connection, which you can’t do with your email account. But if you set it to use a standard connection, everything runs perfectly.

The Windows 10 Mail advanced setup screen

To set up your email account:

  • Click the ‘Advanced Setup’ button
  • Click ‘Internet Email’

The Windows 10 Mail internet email screen

  • Enter in the following details, using your email account details:

Account name: [Your email address]
Your name: [The name you want to use]
Incoming email server: mail.[Your domain name]
Account type: IMAP4
Username: [Your email address]
Password: [Your email password]
Outgoing (SMTP) email server: mail.[Your domain name]

  • Then ensure that the following two checkboxes are checked:

Outgoing server requires authentication – checked
Use the same username and password for sending email – checked

  • And that these two checkboxes are unchecked:

Require SSL for incoming email – unchecked
Require SSL for outgoing email – unchecked

The Windows 10 Mail account details screen

  • Click ‘Sign-in’ and your email will be all ready to use!

The Windows 10 Mail account created screen