New .uk domain now available

June 15, 2014

The brand new .uk domain name is fast becoming the most popular new domain name launched this year, with thousands of websites already making the move to .uk. We have now introduced .uk domains for sale, making it even easier to claim your .uk identity. .uk is short, memorable, flexible and the perfect domain name for any website based in the UK.

The release of the .uk domain name is the biggest change to the .uk domain since it began, opening up choice and huge opportunities for UK website owners. The .uk extension is concise and puts the focus on the company’s brand name to create a great first impression. This domain also provides a new space for online businesses to develop their identity and success and showcase these changes to their online community.

Build a foundation of trust

Domains with the .uk extension are not only respected globally, but are the preferred choice of web users from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, helping users to create a great first impression with visitors from these regions.

Snappy and concise

.uk is the shortest extension possible; it’s faster for smartphone and tablet users to type. This also gives the domain a punchy feel, puts a strong focus on the brand name and makes it highly memorable for users, increasing the chances for website owners to receive more traffic.

Compliments existing registrations

If a user already has a,,, .or even .com, .net or .org domain name, a .uk sits perfectly with them and provides flexibility in terms of extra websites, URL shorteners, or redirects.

Protect personal or company names

Registering a .uk version of an existing domain name allows users to stay in control of their personal or company name, ensuring that squatters and competitors don’t take advantage or trade on that name.

So search for your .uk today. before it’s too late!