Top 7 sites to learn SEO

April 17, 2011

When trying to drum up hits to their website, many people’s main focus is on paid search (Google AdWords et al), however SEO is equally as interesting and can provide excellent results.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you an SEO master, these sites have enough of a back catalogue and regular new information to keep you going for months!

  1. Starting as an SEO agency they have used their blog to position themselves as a global resource for the industry
  2. A mix of practical advice, industry news and personal opinion
  3. one of my favourite sites, the columns section covers all aspects of search marketing
  4. Really good introductory articles to various aspects of online marketing
  5. This site has been around for years and it mixes advice with commentary and personal opinion
  6. The volume of posts each day can be a bit too much and some articles don’t go in to a lot of detail, but the percentage that do hit the money make it worth it.
  7. Good traditional ‘how to’ blog with some great advice for all levels of knowledge

These are the sites that I relied on to get me up to speed early on and the ones I still read each week, and I’m sure many have your own, so if you’d like to share them leave a comment and link below…