We’ve improved our Windows Pro hosting

November 4, 2016

As part of our ongoing plan to provide a faster and more reliable service to our customers, we are moving all Windows Pro hosting onto a new, massively improved Microsoft-based cloud-based platform.

As part of this programme, we have completely replaced every one of our Windows servers with brand new, high-spec hardware and a super-fast centralised Dell Compellent storage solution, using Hyper V clustering to offer you improved high availability for your websites. We hope this will revolutionise your Windows hosting experience, with faster response times, better uptime, and minimal service impact if anything does go wrong.

You shouldn’t notice any difference to your service, other than it performing much faster, with better, more recent underlying technology. There will be no downtime or loss of data during this process, however, if you have any questions or concerns about these changes, though, please do contact us via our support ticket system.